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Do you have a right to holiday pay or time off?

You always got time off for the holidays when you were in school. It feels natural that you'd get it off during your career as well. As you enter the workforce, though, you start wondering if you have a right to that time off. If not, do you at least have a right to extra holiday pay?

Two important issues about wages and overtime you should know

Overtime compensation is a complicated issue that tends to confuse employers and employees alike. Therefore, it is easy to make a serious mistake that could hurt your business if you're taken to court or fined for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Understanding the Tip Credit - Part 1 of 3

The Tip Credit is a popular method of payment used by restaurants, bars and other businesses. However, a surprisingly large percentage of business owners do not fully understand how to properly apply the Tip Credit in terms of overtime, minimum wage and participation. In this three part series, we will break down each of these components for the proper use of the Tip Credit.

Small business owners need to keep an eye on overtime

As a business owner you want to make sure that you are abiding by all employment laws. As of late, you may have heard some buzz regarding overtime rules. You know that proposed changes to overtime regulations for salaried employees began in 2016 under the Obama administration. Since you employ salaried workers, you want to understand what is happening with the overtime rules.

Wage and hour dispute leads to brewery settling claims

Wage and hour disputes are aggravating and upsetting incidents that no employee should ever have to endure. But sometimes, companies either intentionally or mistakenly alter or manipulate their employees' wages or their working hours. When this happens, the affected employees can suffer immensely. They won't get the money they deserve and need.