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We've heard from Hollywood: What's your sexual harassment story?

We've seen it affect Hollywood, we've seen it affect the news networks and now we're seeing it affect Congress. The maelstrom of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct claims that have been coming out of the woodwork feels kind of like somebody turned the lights on in the middle of the night, and now the cockroaches of the world are clamoring to hide and take cover. The thing is, there's nowhere for them to run. Many powerful people are being held to the candle for the unjust way they've sexually abused their subordinates.

Is your employer liable for workplace harassment?

Harassment in the workplace is never acceptable, but it is still an ongoing concern for many workers in every industry. Not only is harassment bad for workplace culture, it also places the employer at a fairly serious risk. In some cases, employers are actually liable for harassment in the workplace, and may face serious consequences.