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October 2017 Archives

Is your employer liable for workplace harassment?

Harassment in the workplace is never acceptable, but it is still an ongoing concern for many workers in every industry. Not only is harassment bad for workplace culture, it also places the employer at a fairly serious risk. In some cases, employers are actually liable for harassment in the workplace, and may face serious consequences.

Understanding the Tip Credit - Part 1 of 3

The Tip Credit is a popular method of payment used by restaurants, bars and other businesses. However, a surprisingly large percentage of business owners do not fully understand how to properly apply the Tip Credit in terms of overtime, minimum wage and participation. In this three part series, we will break down each of these components for the proper use of the Tip Credit.

Should an employer investigate an FMLA leave?

FMLA is a great resource for employees who need it. If they’re experiencing family changes, health problems or other concerns the Family and Medical Leave Act provides a break from work to get things back on track. By providing a needed break, the idea is that an employee can take care of matters at home, then return to work without interruption.